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GlobalX’s Lowest Price Guarantee offer is open to new customers only. The Lowest Price Guarantee requires a current invoice from your search and/or software provider to be uploaded for GlobalX to commit to providing an offer with lower rates than the invoice provided. The invoice must be no more than three months old. To be eligible, entrants must upload the invoice by 5pm AEST on the 30th September 2019. GlobalX’s price offer will be locked in up to two financial years, ending on 30th June 2021 (excluding any price increases by authorities). The GlobalX pricing offer is subject to approval. To receive free data migration services from GlobalX, practitioners currently utilising another Conveyancing Workflow software must sign a supply agreement with GlobalX, and be an Active User of Matter Centre within 60 days of signing a supply agreement. To be considered a Matter Centre ‘Active User’ means you are required to be actively using Matter Centre and spending a minimum of $250 per month, per organisation on GlobalX Search. Migration of data is possible in most circumstances from competitor software and GlobalX will endeavour to provide this service to each new customer pending review of the customers requirements. GlobalX accepts no responsibility for losses or damage for data migration as a result of a person/business accepting our services.