Land + Property Information

We’ll boost your search speed and with smarter streamlined order forms and live-to-you land and property information.

Business Information

Do your due diligence with confidence using GlobalX online company information search services and reports.

Personal Information

Use GlobalX to comprehensively evaluate an individual’s criminal or business history and registered assets.

Thousands of people search on for land and property, personal, and business information every day. Whether it be for spatial plans, property maps, CISP parcel history, due diligence information, or searching the PPSR, our platform can assist.

Key Features

No subscription fee

We don't charge account sign up or subscription fees; you only pay for what you order.

Lowest price guaranteed

The GlobalX Lowest Price Guarantee delivers premium search services at the best price.

Additional services & value

Your login offers further GlobalX software, settlements and other service options, as required. One-off and ad-hoc searches are also immediately available via Search Now or contact our National Client Care Centre, who'll take care of your search tasks – large or small.

GlobalX is a responsive and flexible business partner, providing us with easy-to-use solutions, reliable customer service and regular training which supports our daily business activities across our three offices.

Alice Anderson, Lander & Rogers Lawyers

Integrated Search

The way to do more, more accurately in less time

GlobalX Search integrates with our own and 3rd-party conveyancing and legal practice management solutions to deliver the ultimate user experience and time-saving features.

If you use any of these solutions, ask us about GlobalX Search to automate orders and disbursements.

Discover how

Contact our support team for any questions or queries

Many individuals utilise our platforms for business name searches, to find company information, and much more. If you think such a dynamic solution could be of benefit to you, but you'd like further information, don't hesitate to get in contact with us today by calling 1300 885 662.

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