Professional Court Filing, Registration and Stamping Services

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Court Filing, Stamping, Lodgement & More

GlobalX is an approved lodging agent; our team members will personally perform your stamping and lodgement tasks, including:

  • Office of State Revenue (OSR) approved stamping and land tax services
  • Includes on-the-spot stamping & instant response from OSR via our secure online system
  • Bulk lodgement options
  • Daily services, prompt returns
  • Premium over the counter drop & pickup
  • National property settlement services

Our daily SecureCollection™ service assures secure collection and delivery of settlements, stamping, registration and court filing work.

What makes us the trusted service for stamping, filing and registration?

With years of experience assisting a wide variety of clients, we understand how important it is to ensure all filing work is carried out diligently and accurately. This is why we go to great lengths to continually refine our processes and streamline our services to deliver only the very best in customer satisfaction. GlobalX is trusted by firms, both big and small, to manage and organise all their court forms and filing work.

How to get started

Contact your local legal support team or drop a quick query.

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