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We’ll boost your search speed and with smarter streamlined order forms and live-to-you land and property information.

GlobalX offers a comprehensive national range of land and property information live to your desktop. Our comprehensive services cover everything from strata report searches, environmental management register, land tax clearance certificate information, property title searches, planning maps, survey plans, dealing searches and much more.

You can purchase hundreds of the most commonly ordered land and property information products and property council certificates in a single order form with GlobalX for one or multiple properties, including National:

  • Title Searches
  • Plans
  • Council Property Certificates
  • Title and Plan Alerts
  • Dealings
  • Historical Search
  • Electronic Contract for Sale (eCOS)
  • LIV Contract of Sale of Real Estate
  • Electronic Notice of Sale (eNOS)
  • Property Settlement Services
  • PEXA

Save time and money ordering land and property information with our fast order forms and streamlined precision-checks.

Efficient Australian property information ordering system

GlobalX offers comprehensive search information for all your title searching needs via one online conveyancing software solution from hundreds of land authorities:

Save time and money when ordering land and property information with our fast order forms and streamlined conveyancing software. We make the process as straight-forward and efficient as possible, granting you access to everything from body corporate certificates, property council certificates, property enquiries, strata reports and much more, easier than ever. Perfect for getting the information you need for property settlements across every Australian state from VIC, NSW, WA, SA and QLD, our land property information services get you what you need.

Speak to our team about any questions​

Do you require a land tax clearance certificate, torrens title search, online planning map, or another form of property report? Speak to our team about how we can assist. You can either reach us on 1300 730 000, or email our help centre at supportau@dyedurham.com.

Seamless GlobalX Search Integration

At no additional cost GlobalX Search integrates with leading conveyancing, legal practice and document management software to deliver the ultimate user experience and time-saving features.

If you use any of these solutions, ask us about GlobalX Search to automate orders and disbursements.

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