Stay informed with the latest updates from GlobalX on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  Coronavirus Operational Update

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The safety and wellbeing of our customers and people is always our highest priority. As the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve, our teams are closely monitoring all developments and the potential impact on our people and operations.

We have strict procedures and measures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our people and to ensure the continuity of our business operations.

We are seeking independent advice from various stakeholders including the World Health Organisation (WHO), Centres for Disease Control and Prevention and Australia’s Chief Medical Officer. We will keep you up-to-date on the Coronavirus situation and the any potential impact it may have on our operations or services.

  Useful Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness caused by a new virus. Symptoms range from a mild cough to pneumonia. Some people recover easily, others may get very sick very quickly. There is evidence that it spreads from person to person. Good hygiene can prevent infection. To learn more about symptoms, who is at risk, and how it spreads, visit the Australian Government Department of Health website. More information is also available from the World Health Organization (WHO) website.

Everyone should practise good hygiene to protect against infections. Good hygiene includes:

Read more about protective measures against coronavirus on the World Health Organization website.

If you have a confirmed case, you need to isolate yourself to prevent it spreading to other people.

If you become unwell and think you may have symptoms of coronavirus, seek medical attention or contact your local health authorities on instructions on what to do. If you have serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing and your condition is life threatening, immediately call Triple Zero (000) for urgent medical help. Find out what happens if you have a suspected case of coronavirus. If you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, isolate yourself in your home. To find out more, read this home isolation information sheet.
It’s important to stay up to date with the latest travel advice and warnting from the Australian Govnernment Department of Health before you travel. The latest updates can be found in the Travellers and visitors section.

Visit the World Health Organization (WHO) Q&As page for more information.

There are a range of trusted medical and mental health support services available:

General COVID-19 Information

More support services contact details can be found on the Australian Government Department of Health Support Services section.

Mental Health and Well-being

Financial Advice and Counselling

Australian Government Resources