GlobalX API Connect

Seamlessly access Australia’s widest range of regulatory information, technology tools and services the way you want via our Application Programming Interface (API).

Connect your solution to our information services

Search and receive national property and business information live to the application of your choice with GlobalX API Connect.

Offering an extensive Application Programming Interface (API), GlobalX API Connect provides you one point of access to GlobalX’s comprehensive range of land and property, business and consumer information.

Key features and benefits:

  • National property, business and consumer information — search and automatically retrieve structured data and documents direct to your chosen application.
  • Automatic ordering and billing — automate existing processes to streamline your workflow whilst removing the opportunity for error.
  • Easy implementation — with complimentary Developer2Developer support, resources and account management, set-up is quick and easy.
  • Advanced security — the latest in security standards ensures your systems and information is protected.

Access GlobalX Search

A comprehensive range of national land and property, business and consumer information.

Gain instant access to a wide range of Australian property and ASIC information via our API, allowing you to easily search and retrieve structured data and documents in real time.

Through GlobalX API Connect you have live access to land registries from across Australia.

Why use Property Information?

Businesses and individuals rely on Title and Property Information for a variety of reasons including land management, historical property research, conveyancing, development, investment, due-diligence and planning.

Property legislation in all states and territories is based on the Torrens principle of registration of title – and in all transactions affecting land, whether it’s a sale or a purchase, it is important for businesses and individuals to use property information:

  • To understand who the owner of a property belongs to, and
  • To ascertain if there are any interests registered against the property, for example:
    • Mortgage
    • Lease
    • Transfer.

Property information is also legally required for certain transactions. For example, transferring ownership of land or changing the name on a Certificate of Title.

Why use Company and Business Information?

GlobalX sources Company and Business Information directly from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Registers, live to your desktop.

Company and Business information is designed to help businesses and individuals verify the legitimacy, history and status of an entity or individual behind an entity.

It is important to search the ASIC Registers when a business or individual is:

  • buying shares or investing in a company, or
  • dealing with a company as a creditor or supplier.

In these cases, businesses and individuals need to understand the basic information about the company such as details of the company, its shares, in addition to its directors and members to make low-risk decisions. This can come in the form of a Current Company Extract or a Historical Company Extract.

Company and Business Information

GlobalX API Connect provides you details of an organisation including:

  • Organisation name
  • Directors and details
  • Ultimate holding company
  • Unique identification number (ABN, ACN, ARBN, ARSN)
  • Type of company
  • Registration date
  • Next review date
  • Locality of registered office
  • Shareholder information, and
  • List of documents lodged with ASIC.

ASIC Historical Company Extract

The ASIC Historical Company Extract includes all the details in a Current Company Extract plus any prior details relevant to that type of organisation.

Why use Automatic Billing?

GlobalX API Connect offers complimentary Billing APIs — ensuring you have the option to capture all transaction information and automate billing to third parties for disbursement recovery.

Automatic Billing enables you to:

  • Save time – no need to re-key billing data
  • Reduce risk and error – bills are automated to your account
  • Easily manage your account – automation means you don’t have to lift a finger

“GlobalX API Connect provides you a broad range of Australian property and business information, in the right format, at the right time.”

Easy Deployment + Development

Free to access and easy to deploy, GlobalX API Connect will seamlessly integrate with your own, or another third-party solution.

Our API provides an incredibly powerful agnostic way to interact with GlobalX’s award-winning solutions thanks to RESTful design.

Improve productivity

GlobalX API Connect will significantly save you time and improve your current workflow by automating traditional search processes that previously required manual involvement.

  • Remove the risk of human error involved with manual tasks — this eliminates the need to revisit and rectify mistakes.
  • Improve efficiencies — compile multiple applications into your existing solution making it easy to manage everything from one space with less clicks.
  • Save serious time — a single end-point interface dramatically reduces the build time required by your development teams.

Experience you can trust

Be confident that when you integrate GlobalX API Connect in to your system you are partnering with a leading technology provider with over 25 years’ experience.

GlobalX has established itself as a leader in the provision of regulatory information to a wide range of industries.

As the first company to make Australian land titles available to the consumer online in 1994, GlobalX has maintained a reputation as a provider of robust, yet refined innovation and quality services. We are recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative companies – through design, service, product and integration!

Frequently Asked Questions

GlobalX API Connect is certified with a Secure Connection Certificate and adheres to the latest industry security protocols and standards. Additionally, our experienced Developers use recognised best practice methods while developing GlobalX API Connect. If you would like further information on our technical setup and capabilities, please feel free to contact us.

If at any time you require assistance, your dedicated Account Manager and Developer2Developer integration support team are available for free support. They can give technical guidance on any problems you may encounter.

No, you don’t need to be a current GlobalX customer. GlobalX API Connect integrates with any solution whether that be your own or a third-party solution. Your Account Manager will guide you and your team through the process from start to finish.

Getting connected to GlobalX API Connect

Getting started with GlobalX API Connect is simple and easy.

Once initial contact is made we will be able to provide access to the GlobalX API Connect user-friendly portal. All we require from you is a secure page and staging environment. If you don’t have a staging environment, let us know and we can provide one for you.

A dedicated integration and account management team will support you and your teams to streamline the build and implementation process.