The complete digital solution for Verification of Identity (VOI).

IDSecure offers a fast, compliant and easy-to-use fully integrated VOI solution to meet the needs of Australian legal and financial professionals.

Meet your obligations and increase efficiency as you capture, manage and securely store all client VOI reports with IDSecure. 

Use IDSecure to VOI your client anywhere, anytime!

IDSecure is built on simplicity, security and integration – at no additional cost IDSecure is available via GlobalX Search, Matter Centre, Open Practice and a network of over 20 practice and document management systems.

Use IDSecure to verify your clients at the office, on-the-road or by using one of our trusted professional agents.

VOI Legislation Guidelines

Below are important resources to help you better understand the Verification of Identity (VOI) landscape and your legislative responsibilities. We’ve compiled VOI Guides per state with the requirements for conveyancing transactions, including useful links to current legislation to ensure your firm is prepared for property transactions and compliant.

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Key Features + Benefits

The IDSecure solution is Australia’s trusted, easy-to-use paperless VOI technology designed for Australian legal and conveyancing professionals. In seconds, you can easily capture and store Verification of Identity reports onto a central and secure system.

Connect IDSecure with your practice management

IDSecure seamlessly connects with GlobalX’s suite of online and software practice management solutions. Integrations include Matter Centre, Open Practice and GlobalX Search. With GlobalX at the heart of your organisation, your firm can be the most connected, productive and profitable. If you use any of these solutions, ask us about GlobalX Search to automate orders and disbursements.

"We are excited by the levels of efficiency we will get with the introduction of IDSecure to the services offered by GlobalX including Matter Centre."

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