Integration Services

No matter your chosen system, our team can integrate our search, settlements and software into your existing infrastructure.

GlobalX billing, search and document API's to offer a seamless workflow, all within your software package. This includes:


  • In a click, GlobalX Search from your software; auto-populate orders, seamlessly receive results and automate disbursements in your application.


  • Open Practice already integrates with doc management, payroll systems and more to deliver seamless practice management and trust accounting.
  • Integrate your select accounting package or doc manager with our conveyancing workflow, Matter Centre.

Property Settlements

  • Seamlessly kick-off a PEXA workspace with your matter data or generate a GlobalX property settlement booking without launching a separate application and interrupting your workflow.

Support + Other Services

  • Seamlessly register, update and maintain Legal Support Service bookings with GlobalX. Includes VOI, stamping, filing and lodgment services.

Contact us to see if we integrate with one of your existing solutions.