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Industry Partners Support Australia’s Conveyancers as they face digital change

Legal services and software provider, GlobalX Legal Solutions (GlobalX) continues to work with peak industry bodies to ensure legal professionals are ‘PEXA-Ready’ in the lead up to the advent of electronic conveyancing in Australia this year.

The complete suite of productivity solutions from GlobalX – including the online information services that facilitate thousands of business, property, security, person and asset searches for law firms, settlement agents and conveyancers daily – will feature at the AIC National Conference exhibition set to host over 350 delegates in Western Australia, March 6 – 8.

“We’re proud to continue working with the AIC to provide Australia’s conveyancers with the information they need in preparation for the launch of electronic conveyancing this year,” said GlobalX Chief Executive Officer, Peter Maloney.

PEXA – or Property Exchange Australia – is set to revolutionise the settlement process for all parties involved in the exchange of property – including banks and legal representatives by facilitating these transactions online via the PEXA system.

The national roll-out of the PEXA system reached a significant milestone this week, with the launch of full online transfer functionality in Victoria on Tuesday. Already available to New South Wales counterparts, this functionality via PEXA is scheduled to extend to Queensland and Western Australian practitioners in May.

As an official sponsor, GlobalX will provide property lawyers and conveyancers with seamless electronic conveyancing functionality through all its software and services when the national roll out of PEXA is completed this year.

By facilitating property settlements online, PEXA-enabled systems will improve the success rate of settlements by reducing opportunity for errors, greater flexibility for legal professionals and enhanced customer services by providing more timely updates and greater visibility for clients.

“By facilitating integrated access to PEXA via our software and services, GlobalX represents a ‘hybrid’ Conveyancing platform for our customers, whereby users can select to process a settlement either electronically, or in a more traditional ‘paper’ operation via GlobalX’s national settlement network,” said Maloney.

“PEXA is set to dramatically change the property settlement process as we know it. At GlobalX, we believe the best way we can assist lawyers and conveyancers through this period of transition is to offer them flexibility to adopt the new electronic workflow as they see fit,” he said.

“The introduction of electronic conveyancing represents a fantastic opportunity and an exciting time for Australia’s conveyancers and property lawyers,” confirmed AIC National President, Santina Taranto.

“We are working closely with GlobalX and other industry stakeholders to prepare the market to be ‘PEXA-Ready’ and ensure a seamless on-boarding experience”, she said.