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New platform eases home-buyer headache

Home buyers and sellers will now be more informed during the settlement process, thanks to a new online directory that increases accountability and transparency in the conveyancing industry.

Launched by leading information provider GlobalX, OzConveyancers enables property consumers to locate property settlement professionals, review their experience, compare prices, and access stamp duty information all on one online platform.

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney said OzConveyancers is Australia’s largest online directory of registered conveyancers, and is completely free.

“ provides simple, geographically-targeted information to consumers, helping them find the most appropriate, best-priced conveyancer in their local area,” said Mr Maloney.

“It also allows Australia’s 6,000+ conveyancers to list their business online for free, be searchable at any time, and in direct contact with property consumers in their region,” he said.

OzConveyancers Product Manager Nippa Ekanayake said the new website filled a gap for professionals, and buyers and sellers.

“We’ve known for some time that there is a lack of information and accessible technology available for people in the initial stages of buying and selling a home,” Mr Ekanayake said.

“Sure, conveyancers provide valuable information on available searches and help ease the settlement process, but these insights come after someone has engaged a legal professional to represent them.

“Our research found other comparison sites in the market failed to provide supporting documentation crucial to home-buyers, so we addressed this information and bridged the gap.

“The benefit to consumers of is a one-stop-shop for conveyancing information, allowing users to easily compare local businesses to find the best deal without any fees, or commissions paid to our organisation.”

OzConveyancers currently profiles more than 2,500 conveyancers who can list their business at no cost for increased market exposure.

“Most Australian conveyancing businesses are very small; they don’t have an online presence nor time for marketing, so, by offering a free listing on the site we’re boosting their accessibility and credibility, as well as delivering more decision-making information to the consumer,” Mr Ekanayake said.

“For those already on the web, the platform will complement existing websites by enhancing their ability to rank on search engines including Google.”

Pictured: New home buyer Lachlan McArdle says increased visibility is integral to the sale process. Photo by: Shantanu Starick

Melbourne architect Lachlan McArdle, who is on the hunt for his first home in Prahran said having access to OzConveyancers has already saved him time, effort and stress finding the right professional for the job.

“Before even settling on a property I’ve been able to find and compare local conveyancers in my area, to help me make an informed choice,” Mr McArdle said.

“It’s hard choosing someone without really knowing what to expect, so it’s great to see new services popping up that offer increased visibility and transparency for buyers and sellers.

“One of the most helpful aspects of is the option to have all of my services, including internet, insurance and utilities bundled and connected as part of the conveyance.

“Being new to the property market, the stamp duty tool is extremely useful in helping me estimate and budget for the settlement fees, at the time of signing the contract,” he said.

OzConveyancers is continuously expanding the tools available on its website with the aim of streamlining conveyancing processes and creating a one-stop-shop for home-buyers.