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The digital revolution is here for Australia’s property industry!

Matter Centre Dashboard

The Australian residential property market represents $7.4 trillion of value and is currently Australia’s largest and final asset class to move online – and since the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreement in 2008 – PEXA, banks, industry bodies, lawyers and conveyancers have all taken necessary steps to develop a national electronic conveyancing solution.

With the introduction of online settlements in 2013, GlobalX instantly knew we had to jump on-board and support the industry. We were the first software provider to integrate the PEXA platform into our online and workflow solutions, and since then we have continued to look for new ways to make the platform easily accessible for practitioners.

As we continue to work with PEXA, we are excited to announce PEXA API integration into our latest innovation, Matter Centre, providing a seamless solution for our customers’ electronic conveyancing needs.

What is Matter Centre?

With end-to-end digital property settlements becoming a fast reality for conveyancers and legal practitioners, GlobalX developed a new conveyancing workflow software called Matter Centre.

Matter Centre is Australia’s ONLY $0 cloud-based conveyancing workflow software that provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution for conveyancers and legal practitioners. Built to future-proof firms of all sizes, Matter Centre combines file management, customisable workflows, PEXA integration, Verification of Identity services, integrated property information, forms, precedents and email integration. It has also been made scalable with no limit or cost on additional users.

New PEXA integration functionality now available!

Matter Centre is an ever-evolving conveyancing product with ongoing enhancements rolled out in-line with regulations and legislative changes as they occur – and, we’re proud to say that GlobalX has one of the deepest integration offerings to the PEXA Platform.

We’re excited to release the following PEXA integration via Matter Centre:

  • Create a PEXA Workspace
    Matter Centre enables users to create a PEXA workspace within seconds, saving time and reducing the risk of error without the need for double data entry. Matter Centre will pass across the title details, matter reference, settlement date, client details and your role in the transaction.
  • PEXA Title Verification
    If you need to transact on the PEXA platform, our PEXA Title Verification enables you to input your title details into Matter Centre to check whether you’re able eligible to conduct an electronic settlement in PEXA.
  • PEXA Lodgements
    Our PEXA Lodgement integration enables you to create new workspaces for the lodgement of caveats, mortgages, priority notices and more. Depending on the type of document you wish to lodge, Matter Centre will understand the type of PEXA Workspace you need to create from the document upload.

Selecting GlobalX as your PEXA Sponsor allows you to:

  • Access electronic settlement and lodging services within Matter Centre.
  • Undertake a PEXA Title Verification.
  • Create and join PEXA workspaces without the need to rekey information.
  • Go directly from your matter to its corresponding PEXA workspace instantly.
  • Receive personalised training and support for free (Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm AEST)

Opting to on-board with GlobalX means you’ll be supported on your journey with digital property settlements. It’s exciting times as we are soon to release our digital signature solution SignMe, and our very own Verification of Identity software, IDSecure.

Register here to attend a free CPD webinar to find out about the latest PEXA integration via Matter Centre – Australia’s fastest growing end-to-end conveyancing workflow.