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Legal professionals set to benefit from new VOI software: IDSecure

Award-winning legal and conveyancing technology provider GlobalX has today announced an innovative Verification of Identity (VOI) software for the Australian market – IDSecure.

The new cloud-based software is integrated and now available via GlobalX’s suite of online and workflow solutions, including Matter Centre, Open Practice and GlobalX’s intelligent legal searches platform GlobalX Search.

The announcement follows the recent acquisition by GlobalX of leading VOI software provider IDSecure.

IDSecure is a complete solution for legal professionals to manage the verification process of property buyers and sellers.

The new software provides the conveyancer or legal practitioner the ability to capture data on any mobile or tablet device, at any time, regardless of location.

A compliant VOI report is automatically created and stored against the matter with the option of automatic billing straight to the client file.

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney said the new software enabled legal and conveyancing professionals to meet their legislative requirements while at the same time gaining significant efficiencies in their processes.

“IDSecure is the only VOI solution delivering an in-house VOI tool that is complimented by Australia’s most extensive metropolitan and regional outsourced agent service.

“We are proud to be able to offer this new service and excited to be innovating in line with the latest industry changes,” Mr Maloney said.

“Our aim is to help streamline the processes for all conveyancers and lawyers.”

“As we transition to 100% digital property settlements, we have introduced award-winning free software Matter Centre, enhanced our intelligent legal searches platform GlobalX Search, provided the latest PEXA integration and now launched the most efficient and comprehensive Verification of Identity solution in the market.”

“We are committed to offering the industry the opportunity to move closer to a paperless conveyancing process that is secure, cost-effective and efficient.”

GlobalX acquired IDSecure in January 2018, becoming the majority shareholder while retaining the board of directors and management.

Manorwood Conveyancing Director Karli Woods said we are excited by the levels of efficiency we get with the introduction of IDSecure to the services offered by GlobalX, including Matter Centre.

“In seconds from within a matter, practitioners on a mobile device can easily capture and store Verification of Identity reports,” Ms. Woods said.

“VOI reports are instantly stored in a central and secure platform, with the ability to retrieve and review at the click of a button any time during the 9-year storage period.”

IDSecure Executive General Manager Lara Paholski said the launch is a milestone for GlobalX and the industry, offering technology that is fully compliant and seamlessly connected to the leading software providers workflow solutions.

“It is exciting to see IDSecure seamlessly connected to GlobalX, delivering customers even greater efficiencies,” Ms. Paholski said.

“Legal and conveyancing professionals will now experience the most trusted, easy-to-use VOI technology designed specifically for Australian legal and conveyancing professionals.

“This VOI technology will help practitioners effectively manage key VOI risk areas around secure data storage and retrieval, compliance and standardising internal VOI procedures, whist significantly enhancing business efficiencies and productivity.

Online property settlements will become mandatory in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, with GlobalX as the most advanced integration partner of Property Exchange Australia’s electronic conveyancing platform PEXA.

CEO Peter Maloney said now is the key moment to provide integrated VOI software to align with government legislation coming into effect.

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