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GlobalX joins Vinnies CEO Sleepout to help raise $6.4 Million

GlobalX CEO and Vinnies ambassador Peter Maloney joined 1,500+ business leaders and government officials last night to slept out in the elements to raise awareness and funds in support of fighting homelessness.

With events hosted across the nation Mr Maloney was one of 200 CEOs sleeping out at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Each CEO participated in a “walk a mile in their shoes” activity where they experienced first-hand the challenges people face when seeking support and how difficult it can be to get the assistance they need when they are facing homelessness.

Peter Maloney said it was eye-opening to see what over 116,000 homeless Australians faced each day.

“We live in one of the most privileged countries in the world and right on our doorstep is a huge social issue that we must help fight without prejudice,” Mr Maloney said.

“Across the nation, over $6 million has been raised and this will go directly to helping those in need.”

“I am proud to support this initiative in helping to solve Australia’s number one social issue.” Mr Maloney said.

All money raised provides much needed support to people across Australia by funding new initiatives and expanding existing initiatives to ensure every Australian can access accommodation, meals and emergency assistance when they need it.

Vinnies advocacy, education, counseling and housing programs are designed to tackle the root causes of inequality.

Learn more about how Vinnies aims to bring an end to poverty in Australia here.