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Victorian conveyancing professionals to benefit from new Contract of Sale technology

GlobalX + LIV eCOS

Legal and conveyancing software provider GlobalX, has announced an agreement with the Law Institute of Victoria (LIV) to provide legal and conveyancing professionals the latest Contract of Sale of Real Estate.

The Contract of Sale will be available through GlobalX’s practice management and online solutions, including the award-winning $0 conveyancing software Matter Centre.

The seamless integration into GlobalX’s title search function and property certificates will allow lawyers and conveyancers access to readily available information and contracts to facilitate property sales.

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney said the provision of the industry’s peak body contract was going to provide lawyers and conveyancers access to the most trusted Contract of Sale of Real Estate in the industry—electronically and integrated. “There is no other practice management or conveyancing workflow software in Australia that has a license to distribute the Victorian Contract of Sale of Real Estate,” Mr Maloney said.

“We are excited to provide this pioneering technology to Victorian legal and conveyancing practitioners, to better aid them in their day-to-day activities.

“Legal professionals will also have access to GlobalX’s innovative electronic signing technology, SignMe™, allowing property buyers and sellers to prepare a Contract of Sale and Section 32 in a single platform, and add further value by enabling purchasers and vendors to digitally sign and return their contracts without printing them.

“It’s the contract commonly used by legal and conveyancing professionals in Victoria and that is something we are proud to now offer in the most intelligent and efficient way possible.

“Through GlobalX’s latest innovation, legal professionals can now access the contract faster than ever before and in line with their chosen workflow.”

The latest version of LIV’s Contract of Sale of Real Estate is now readily available to legal and conveyancing practitioners through GlobalX’s $0 conveyancing software Matter Centre, Open Practice enterprise legal practice management software and GlobalX Search online information solution.