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GlobalX expands identity services to Europe in support of foreign investment

Legal and conveyancing tech’ specialists GlobalX has today announced the launch of new Verification of Identity (VOI) services in the United Kingdom to support overseas buyers.

Based in GlobalX’s centrally located London office, IDSecure’s verification agents can now conduct a full identity service to facilitate the seamless transfer of land and property in Australia.

IDSecure’s Executive General Manager Lara Paholski said the service will enable a more streamlined process for Australian legal and conveyancing practitioners to meet their legislative obligations while at the same time giving their clients a better experience.

“The Australian property market receives foreign investment from many countries including the United Kingdom,” Mrs Paholski said.

“Whilst Chinese nationals still dominate foreign investment in the residential property market in Australia – last year, we saw an influx of UK residents buy property in New South Wales.”

“Having a face-to-face verification of identity service readily available in London enables lawyers and conveyancers in Australia to fully comply with their VOI obligations, while their clients have peace of mind that their transaction will go through smoothly,” Mrs Paholski said.

Mrs Paholski said IDSecure’s London-based agents are able to verify purchasers efficiently with a flat fee, and secure service.

“Buyers based in London who visit our centrally located office on Fetter Lane will be in safe hands with our trained and accredited agents who will conduct the service in under five minutes, sending the VOI report immediately back to their Australia-based legal professional.”

IDSecure was acquired by GlobalX in February 2018 and has since won two Australian Business Awards for Technology Innovation and Digital Innovation, after being integrated into GlobalX’s suite of award-winning software solutions including Matter Centre, Open Practice and GlobalX Search.

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