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GlobalX launches new Verification of Identity App IDSecure

Lawyers and conveyancers who are looking to save time, increase workflow efficiency and mitigate the risk of property fraud now have access to a new identity verification tool thanks to technology experts GlobalX.

Available for free on the App Store and Google Play, the IDSecure App can be used on any mobile device to help assess, quickly verify and record a client’s identity.

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney said the latest innovation enables Australian legal and conveyancing practitioners to verify their clients involved in a property transaction or business dealing.

“We’re continually investing in innovations to streamline and digitise the conveyancing process to help practitioners be more efficient while ensuring optimum compliance,” Mr Maloney said.

“Our new mobile App is smart by design, offering guided workflow to help legal professionals easily meet their legislative obligations when undertaking a property transaction.

“The IDSecure App has the option of selecting intuitive Australian Registrars’ National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) compliant workflow or taking a Reasonable Steps approach, meaning the compliance process is streamlined for lawyers and conveyancers verifying property buyers and sellers.”

Executive General Manager of IDSecure, Lara Paholski, said the IDSecure App connects in real time with the IDSecure dashboard, ensuring reports are instantly populated from the App for secure storage, easy retrieval and retention for compliance purposes.

The IDSecure App-integrated Dashboard is accessible at no extra cost via GlobalX Search, Matter Centre, Open Practice and more than 20 third-party practice management systems.

“VOI reports from the App or any of our Agents are automatically retained securely for quick and instant access for 9 years at no additional cost,” Ms Paholski said.

“The new App will be the starting platform for what will become a full-service app that integrates with Australian Government records for all verification and identity services.

“The GlobalX development teams are currently working on an advanced suite of features to assist with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF), including the integration of Document Verification Services (DVS).”

“This integration will enable GlobalX to submit eligible identity documents to national and international verification services to confirm that client details are valid across government and global records.”

The IDSecure App launched to the market in January 2019 and is currently free on both the App Store and Google Play store.

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