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PPSR renewal and reviewal: The solution to stress-free security registration

For thousands of businesses, January 2019 marks an important date. It’s not just the beginning of a new year, but the expiry date of many Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) registrations.

The PPSR was introduced in 2012 as a national online database to replace more than 35 separate databases. Many businesses selected the registration time for goods and assets as seven years – the maximum term available.

Registering and updating goods and assets on the PPSR is an important task for a business’s legal team, but it doesn’t have to be time-consuming.

Read on to find out how you can use GlobalX’s search tools to renew, review and manage PPSR information.

Streamlined solution

GlobalX’s guided PPSR system streamlines the registration process, making it easier to update and renew registrations as the deadline approaches. Our renewal process enables legal firms to follow a simplified workflow for registrations that are still valid, as well as edit or adjust any registrations that may have changed over time.

Workflow efficiency

Our system includes features such as pre-filling and saving drafts, allowing you to begin registrations and come back to them later if you’re interrupted or need to obtain extra information. Users can also clone entries to save time when registering multiple assets with similar details. It’s also possible to send registration details for approval via email, accelerating your organisation’s internal approval process with just one click.

User-friendly design

The system interface has been designed for intuitive use, allowing anyone in your firm to navigate it. For more difficult tasks, we have PPSR experts available to assist with any questions.

Fool-proof searching

GlobalX’s Guided PPSR Registration simplifies interest management to make it ‘fool-proof’, minimising risk for your firm and its clients. For large or complex searches, our technical team can create an algorithm to ensure that search results are delivered by your project deadline.

Whether for registering or searching, GlobalX’s PPSR solution increases efficiency and assists firms in managing risk effectively. Find out more about GlobalX’s PPSR and online search services here: