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How conveyancing software Matter Centre is saving conveyancers time and improving business profitability

By David Favretto


It’s 9am on Monday morning and you are sitting at your desk planning the week ahead. The to-do-list piles up with VOIs, researching property information, lodging an electronic settlement and much more. You need documents your colleague prepared yesterday, but they are working from home and not replying to your emails.

If this sounds painfully familiar… don’t stay stuck in the past any longer. Digital conveyancing software has the ability to optimise everyday tasks, saving you and your team’s money and time. While traditional methods of conveyancing may seem familiar and safe, companies who don’t digitise their workflow risk falling behind competitors in the digital age.

So, how can technology improve conveyancing efficiency and increase your business’ financial viability?

1. Optimisation through organisation

GlobalX’s conveyancing workflow software, Matter Centre, provides a centralised platform that integrates your documents, contracts and precedents, title information, property certificates and Verification of Identity service orders.

Having one, cloud-based network for all client files allows your team to collaborate from anywhere, at any time, whether someone is working from home, out in the field or in a different office.

Additional features like a diary and dashboard mean staff can stay on top of upcoming deadlines and see what needs to be completed. No more missed deadlines and disappointed clients!

2. Time saved = money saved

The accessibility and simplicity of conveyancing software will lighten your workload, increase your capacity and improve your bottom line. Need to research a property for a client? GlobalX has a comprehensive national range of land and property information, from strata report searches, environmental management register access, land tax clearance certificate information, property title searches, planning maps, survey plans, dealing searches and much more.

With verification checks that maximise safety and reduce fraudulent behaviour, software can prove to be just as, if not more, accurate as a manual search.

3. Integration is invaluable

Software doesn’t merely take care of simple tasks like pre-populating forms – it has access to external entities including PEXA and IDSecure. Whether you need to lodge an electronic settlement or compete a VOI, the ease and accessibility of integrated software will save you time and money.

From the simple tasks a conveyancer needs to do down to the crucial jobs, conveyancing software will play a critical role in optimising your efficiency.

GlobalX offers $0 award-winning conveyancing software Matter Centre, designed to optimise conveyancers’ productivity.

To find out why Matter Centre is the fastest award-winning conveyancing software visit or call us today on 1300 727 686.


About the Author:

David Favretto is the National Manager of Matter Centre.