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GlobalX launches 2019 ALPMA Summit survey on the future of the legal industry

Principal partner of the 2019 ALPMA Summit and leading information provider GlobalX has today launched its annual survey for legal and property professionals.

The survey is an industry benchmarking survey that covers topics including technology, innovation and business strategy.

Results from last year’s survey provided valuable insight into how law firms are adapting to new challenges and opportunities across the legal landscape, and were published widely, including in The Australian, Australasian Lawyer and Lawyers Weekly.

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney said the survey results were crucial in providing industry-wide data on how new technology, systems and cultural shifts are impacting firms and their employees.

“The benefit of a survey like this is that it provides the industry with accurate and honest information that firms would perhaps not share otherwise,” Mr Maloney said.

“For example, last year we identified that cyber-security is a real issue in many law firms, and many employees do not receive comprehensive training in this area.

“These insights allow law firms to compare themselves to others and ensure that they are meeting best-practice standards.”

A need for better work-life balance, a broader skillset and greater use of outsourcing were other common themes found during last year’s survey.

Mr Maloney said that the results were quite surprising.

“Perhaps the most surprising finding from last year’s survey was how open and enthusiastic many law firms are about adopting artificial intelligence now and into the future.

“The legal industry can sometimes be seen as very traditional and reluctant to embrace change, but last year’s survey went a long way in dispelling that myth.”

ALPMA President Dion Cusack said that the 2019 ALPMA Summit provided an ideal opportunity to gather this data, with the event bringing together the best and brightest legal and property professionals from across Australia and New Zealand.

“The 2019 ALPMA Summit is themed ‘Road Map to Transformation – Move Forward with Confidence’,” Mr Cusack said.

“This theme reflects our focus on offering valuable insights to delegates about our rapidly changing industry and assisting them with future-proofing their firms.

“Last year’s ALPMA Summit and survey revealed several challenges in our profession, but also opportunities.

“We found that firms were very willing to invest in new technologies, which is a great sign for the ongoing development of working practices and practice management.”

The 2019 ALPMA Summit will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 4-6 September 2019.

Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, seminars, networking and industry research, as well as complete the 2019 ALPMA Summit survey.

Legal and property professionals are welcome to complete the survey online here: ALPMA Summit Survey