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Free land documentation for bushfire-affected Aussies

Australian home owners affected by the devastating bushfires will be provided with free and immediate land title documentation in a bid to assist victims in dealing with any urgent financial, insurance or administrative needs.

Leading legal technology provider GlobalX today announced it would be offering this free service to anyone affected by the bushfires to help ease the immeasurable stress many displaced Australians are currently experiencing.

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney said lawyers and conveyancers were receiving an increase in enquiries from affected residents of bushfire-affected areas who had no way of tracing the documentation needed for assistance from banks or financial institutions.

“Without warning and in a state of emergency, many Australians have had to leave their homes under immense pressure, without the documentation needed to continue, or rebuild, their lives,” Mr Maloney said.

“We will provide any Australian citizen affected by the bushfires with free access to their land title search, along with other important information, such as surveyor drawings, mortgage documents and any other document lodged with any Australian land registry.

“For property settlements, where we have acted as the settlement agency on a sale or purchase in the past seven years, we will recall all settlement documents at no cost.”

Lawyers and conveyancers representing displaced home owners, or residents directly affected by the bushfires, can call GlobalX on 1300 885 662, and land registry information will be supplied within minutes.

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