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How innovative software systems are paving the way for improved conveyancing workflow

By Lewis Sell – Matter Centre Team Leader

Every conveyancing professional will agree that speed and efficiency are key skills needed in such a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Being able to efficiently work on matters from different locations with speed and accuracy is what we call the ‘duo for success’ when it comes to legal workflow and technology.

If there is a lack of speed and efficiency within the conveyancing workspace then productivity begins to wane, profitability suffers, and important deadlines can be missed. If staff are unable to work as efficiently as possible then important tasks and matters can also take longer to manage, and others start to fall by the wayside. By reducing time-consuming and manual tasks through innovative workplace solutions and technology, staff can work across more matters, more accurately and in half the time – thus increasing speed and efficiency.

At GlobalX we realised the need for practitioners to work quickly and efficiently in a seamless manner, which is why we developed a solution to help firms procure and maintain this style of work.

So, what was the solution?

We created a cloud-based integrated platform called Matter Centre. In a nutshell, Matter Centre is a solution that helps conveyancers achieve optimum speed and efficiency in their day to day work.

Matter Centre is used daily by thousands of conveyancing professionals as their ‘go to’ workflow solution. Not only does it consolidate conveyancing processes and programs, but it also allows multiple users to simultaneously work on matters across different locations.

By integrating multiple platforms and technologies such as Electronic Signing Technology (SignMe), Open Practice, Microsoft Word and email, PEXA and Verification of Identity (VOI) to name a few, the software allows conveyancers to manage a range of settlement tasks all in one convenient place. It reduces human error and enhances speed and efficiency across all conveyancing matters. In other words, Matter Centre takes care of all the smaller details, so that conveyancing professionals can concentrate on the bigger picture.

The uptake of electronic conveyancing processes has been a breath of fresh air for legal professionals, as they now have the ability to complete property settlements quicker, easier and electronically, as opposed to the traditional manual and time-consuming methods.

A 2018 industry report from Deloitte, commissioned by PEXA, predicted that the Australian conveyancing industry is likely to see around $89 million in benefits from adopting complete digital lodgement and settlement processes come 2021-22. This only further demonstrates the impact, value and benefits that a swift uptake of e-conveyancing technologies will have on the industry.

It’s clear that innovative conveyancing technologies, like Matter Centre, are paving the way for efficient work practices across not just the conveyancing landscape, but all business sectors. By employing such technologies any business can reduce manual operating costs and modernise their way of working.


About the Author:
Lewis Sell is the Team Leader at Matter Centre.