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GlobalX to conduct end-to-end Business Continuity Plan simulation test March 17 to March 19; including office closures

In the face of the Coronavirus, I have instructed that our team at GlobalX, is to conduct a full end-to-end simulation test of our Business Continuity Plans which includes office closures.

With my strong commitment to maintaining essential business services and operations in the event of a critical environmental issue, we are testing our Business Continuity Plan to ensure that our framework:

  • Is resilient enough to stand the test of a potential pandemic;
  • Enables ongoing business operations before and during the recovery with minimal disruption to customers and employee’s health and wellness is maintained; and
  • Can quickly and effectively recover to mitigate any impacts to our customers.

Even as we commit time and resources to this essential simulation exercise, please be reassured that our operations across the nation will continue with little to no impact to customers.

To test our responsiveness, we need to simulate office closures. You can find the schedule of office closures below:

DateOffice Closure
Tuesday March 17thSydney and Adelaide Offices
Wednesday March 18thMelbourne and Gold Coast Offices
Thursday March 19thBrisbane Office

Important Information:

  • Online and offline information search services will not be disrupted
  • Software support for Open Practice & Matter Centre will not be disrupted
  • Manual Services (Property Settlements, Court Filings, Stamp Duty Assessment) may experience minor disruption. These services will be fulfilled at our redundancy sites.
  • No GlobalX employee will be onsite on the above dates and all GlobalX employees will be working from home or at our redundancy sites.

Our National Helpdesk will remain available on 1300 885 662. Please note, you may experience a minor delay in response times.

My view is, it is of critical importance that GlobalX conducts this simulation test, so we are well positioned in the event we need to truly invoke our Business Continuity Plan.

Thank you for your continued support and patience during this event. If you have questions please contact me directly via email You can also stay informed with the latest updates about the Coronavirus on the GlobalX website.

Peter Maloney
Chief Executive Officer