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Digital tools to ensure productivity in uncertain times

In the midst of the global Coronavirus (COVID- 19) crisis, self-isolation and working from home is gradually becoming the norm for organisations across many industries.

With video-enabled online meeting platforms, VPN availability and instant messaging services that can be accessed from anywhere, it’s now easier than ever to carry out daily tasks as “business as usual” even when working remotely.

While organisations may have their internal systems optimised for remote workforces, what about the solutions they use to ensure little-to-no disruption to their clients?

For legal and conveyancing firms, when matters are often time-sensitive – especially with property transactions – it’s vital to have digital tools available to continue carrying on with client tasks.

As companies navigate through these unprecedented times, they are faced with potentially significant and more complex challenges to somewhat maintain ‘’business as usual’’ for customers.

To manage the challenges effectively, it will be more important than ever to have digital and automated solutions in place to supercharge productivity and remove many of the traditional barriers to working remotely.

Companies that effectively harness digital tool capabilities will unlock opportunities to enhance their existing systems and deliver dramatically improved service for their customers and internal stakeholders, along with added benefits of maximizing efficient usage of resources.

GlobalX’s online solutions ensure practitioners can capitalise on the requirement for digital efficiencies to maintain productivity in their firm during these uncertain times and provide the level of service their clients expect irrespective of the challenges facing our community.

Matter Centre

Matter Centre is GlobalX’s cloud-based conveyancing workflow solution. Its smart technologies allow for bespoke workflows, customisable forms and precedents, as well as a simple dashboard that enables practitioners to clearly see their current matters and upcoming tasks.

Matter Centre is integrated with Word, Outlook and GlobalX Search, meaning all documents, emails and searches related to your transaction can be saved directly into the matter in just one click. Emails and documents can be created from within the matter using their own customised letterheads and email templates.

If a property is being settled electronically, Matter Centre’s PEXA integration allows for the creation of a Workspace from the matter, with all relevant details related to the matter carried across to the PEXA platform ready for settlement.

The solution is also fully integrated with the ARNECC compliant IDSecure App – meaning Verification of Identity (VOI) can be created from a matter and completed via the App. Completed, encrypted VOI files are then returned directly to the matter.

As Matter Centre is cloud-based, it can be used on multiple devices, meaning practitioners can work from anywhere at any time without losing their work – meaning transactions can go ahead and clients are still being regularly updated.

Firms that strategically implement centralized workflow platforms such as Matter Centre with integrated digital automation technologies strategically can transform and position themselves to become premier service providers.

Keen to learn more? Book a Matter Centre demonstration here.


Self-isolation and social distancing are on the rise, and in some cases being enforced, meaning there’s an increased need for utilisation of digital technologies. This extends to digital signing to ensure transactions aren’t delayed because clients can’t get to their practitioners to sign on the dotted line.

GlobalX’s digital signing tool SignMe enables lawyers, conveyancers and their clients to electronically sign and exchange contracts and documents in just a few clicks. This process removes the need for a “middleman” – such as a courier who would typically deliver contracts – or for clients to come to a practitioner’s office which contravenes the current advice to socially distance ourselves as much as possible.

Learn more about SignMe and request a demonstration here.

During these uncertain times, digital solutions are a “must have” to ensure normality and consistency across firms.

The firms who rise up to the challenge will be at the forefront of best-in-class armed with a variety of tools that are crucial to increasing flexibility. They’ll also be given an edge to handle changing operational needs and customer expectations for service levels and cost management through these unprecedented times.

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