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Dye & Durham joins Sky News to discuss the 2022 Australian property market

From impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to the upcoming federal election in May, Peter Maloney, Managing Director of Dye & Durham joins Sky News to discuss the outlook of the Australian housing market in 2022.

Prices will finish 2021 at 22.2% up on the same period last year. Now that is pretty outstanding and not seen since Bob Hawke was the Prime Minister,” says Peter Maloney.

As we get through that, we have an election coming in May and this will be quite an interesting period to watch. Normally Australian property markets start to contract during an election and it’ll be a brave government or opposition that starts to gather up changes to the legislation around the housing market as we saw in the last election, where we thought there might be changes to the capital gains and as we come out of that election period, hopefully, things start to come back to normal again and we are going to see that property market really ramp up again.

Watch the Peter Maloney’s full interview here: