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Dye & Durham’s Managing Director shares Australia’s property market trend on Studio 10

Will 2022 be a good year for Australia’s property market?

Peter Maloney, Managing Director of Dye & Durham shares his insights on Australia’s upcoming property market for buyers and sellers on Studio 10.

You can think about this year as three phases. We’ve got the pre-election phase, and we’re really in that phase now.. and that’s a continuation of what we saw in 2021, a huge amount of pent up demand from buyers and not enough stock on the market from the sellers and that is going to see prices relatively high throughout the first half of the year,” says Peter Maloney.

Peter Maloney explains the second phase will be the upcoming federal election in May where ordinarily the Australian property market starts to slow down until a new government is formed and new proposals are announced to the public.

The post-election phase will see the property market become stable in the second half of the year.

Watch the recording of Peter Maloney’s interview here: