GlobalX Property Settlements

Experience + Innovation

You get the best of both worlds with GlobalX

We are Australia's largest settlement partner to practitioners, hand-delivering over 160,000 successful property settlements each year. GlobalX is also the only award-winning PEXA Sponsor. We received the ABA Innovation Award for our work to support the introduction and success of e-Conveyancing in Australia in 2015.

A transformational partnership

Select GlobalX for free onboarding and access to PEXA via all GlobalX products and services; you'll also have our national team available for Verfication of Identity (VOI) services and manual settlements to make your digital transformation seamless.

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Electronic settlements + more – at no extra cost

An electronic property settlement via GlobalX costs the same as using PEXA, direct. However, if you nominate GlobalX as your Sponsor you also receive the following at no additional cost to save even more time and money.

Nominate GlobalX as your Sponsor and you:

  • Access PEXA from a range of applications without separately launching or logging in
  • Avoid unnecessary work to set up your PEXA workspace
  • Pre-populate your land & property searches and manual settlement orders with matter data in your software
  • Can opt to complete your settlement via manual or electronic conveyancing without interruption to workflow

All without additional costs. Now that saves you time and money.

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