An online platform to verify the identity of your clients.

The latest facial biometric technology verifies the identity of your clients

VirtualVOI is an online verification platform that enables you to verify the identity of your clients anywhere in Australia, or internationally, without meeting in person.

VirtualVOI uses facial biometric verification technology to scan, read and compare your client’s identification. Our technology also uses “liveness” detection to ensure that your client is who they say they are – and once their verification is complete, a VOI report is returned and flagged if there are any authenticity concerns.

VirtualVOI also scans your client’s ID documents in seconds, verifying against government sources using Document Verification Service (DVS) checks and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This helps to prevent identity fraud in land and property transactions.

Key Features

Benefit from VirtualVOI with:

How does it work?

VirtualVOI enables you to send a quick SMS to your client to start the verification process.

VirtualVOI enables you to complete your due diligence with accuracy

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