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Latest product innovation: Electronic Contract for Sale (eCOS) now available!

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As soon as you see Matter Centre, you'll know conveyancers have helped to build it.

Set it up in under 5 minutes and start working right away with out-of-the-box templates and settings. Or quickly build processes from scratch to automate your business rules. Every Matter Centre day starts with a calendar view of appointments, tasks and settlements.

All features combine to deliver a seamless, end-to-end conveyancing workflow. Highlights include:

  • Pre-populating forms and docs
  • Matter-based searching
  • Integrated precedents
  • PEXA connection
  • In-built doc editor
  • Electronic Contracts For Sale (eCOS)   Now Available
  • Settlement calculators
  • VOI service bookings
  • Settlement booking services

Our tech' allows one, or many users to simultaneously work on matters without issue, so Matter Centre will scale to work for your team, branches and franchises. Regular product releases, a live'n'local support team and in-built help ensure every Matter Centre user is empowered with future-proofing tech' and skills to maximise their business productivity.


The best thing about Matter Centre is its value.

You have an easy-to-use, comprehensive, future-proofed system that will streamline your conveyancing process and improve operations.

For $0 with no lock in contact, you also receive ongoing software updates, live support, and scalability: the system will grow with your business, or you can cease to use it at any time.

Other great things about Matter Centre are:

  • Website bundle: it comes with a free conveyancing website & hosting
  • Lead gen: Stand Out on OzConveyancers free!
  • Customisation: modify pre-sets to work for your business
  • Control: you're free from lock-in contracts
  • Savings: don't pay software license fees
  • It's set to go! You're up in minutes
  • Streamline things: with matter-centric workflows
  • Confidence: it's easy to use, and support is free

Pricing & Inclusions

Matter Centre delivers punchy features, terrific value, cost savings and offers you freedom from conveyancing software fees and ongoing contracts.

  • Subscribe as many users as your business needs
  • Pay-by-the-month
  • Cancel your subscription at any time
  • Any shortfall in search costs will be invoiced monthly

For $0, you get everything from:

  • Fully-functional conveyancing workflow and hosting services
  • Ongoing product updates
  • Live support
  • A new, mobile-responsive business website – including set up and hosting
  • Free Stand Out profile on OzConveyancers directory
  • Free installation support
  • Starter training

How is $0 software possible? What's the catch?

Spend $20 per user, per month on GlobalX Search – that's it. The cost of ongoing R&D, testing, sales and support is offset by a minimum spend of $20 per user, per month on GlobalX Search.

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