Open Practice — Legal Practice + Document Management Solutions

Your Practice. Best Practice.

Developed in collaboration with Australian legal professionals, Open Practice is a robust management solution that has supported mid-to-large firms for decades.

It currently supports 7,400+ users across hundreds of firms nation-wide, working as a central engine for all the information, resources and services legal communities require to perform their job according to best practice.

Ongoing access to new product releases, regular user groups and our live'n'local support team drive long-term value for Open Practice firms.

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Key Features

With solid trust accounting at its core, Open Practice delivers on mobile, new law models, fixed fee requirements and traditional legal practice management features in a single package.

Matter-centric workflow and data integration with precedents, search, electronic contracts and document management facilities deliver optimal end-to-end industry best-practice for every user at every level of the firm.

This integrated practice management software is scalable, supporting sites from 5 to hundreds of concurrent users across multiple branches. Our firms keep up to date with free upgrades and new features as part of their Annual Maintenance and Support Fee which keeps your conveyancing and law firm software best-in-breed.

Matter-centric workflow icon
Matter-centric Workflow
PEXA Integration icon
PEXA Integration
Document Management System Integration icon
Document Management System Integration
Customisable Forms and Precedents icon
Customisable Forms + Precedents
Integrated search icon
Integrated Property, Business + Consumer Information Search
Correspondence tools icon
Correspondence tools
Integrated Conveyancing and Legal Support Services icon
Integrated Conveyancing + Legal Support Services
Trust Accounting & Financials icon
Trust Accounting + Financials
CRM and Marketing icon
CRM + Marketing
Slice'n'dice Reports icon
Slice'n'dice Reports
Microsoft Office Integration icon
Microsoft Office Integration
Personalised dash, tasks & diary icon
Personalised Dashboard, Tasks + Diary
Role-based Security icon
Role-based Security
Property Settlement and Information Project Management icon
Property Settlement + Information Project Management
Verification of Identity (VOI) Services icon
Verification of Identity (VOI) Services

Customisable workflow solutions, legal professional services + more

Our people are part of your solution.

Clients choosing this legal and workflow management technology will have direct access to a local team of industry and IT professionals dedicated to maximising their business performance. Services include:

  • Implementation
  • Data Conversion
  • Project Management
  • Training (online, onsite)
  • Upgrades
  • Customisation

Working with legal practitioners and Open Practice daily, the GlobalX Service Team is fully aware of the challenges you face and the requirements of industry best-practice.

Why choose this legal software?

As a document and legal management system, our legal software has developed a reputation for long-term reliability, scalability and relevance to the legal industry. Indeed, the average client relationship is 12+ years.

The core solution offers end-to-end functionality and you can build on your core system with optional add-ons and integration options. The system is scalable and customisable; it will flex with your firm.

Other reasons to consider this software:

  • High-value pricing per-user
  • Ongoing updates are free*
  • No long-term contracts*
  • Integration offers additional specialist functionality
  • Free helpdesk services*
  • Customers collaborate on product direction

*Free as part of their Annual Maintenance and Support Agreement, renewed annually.

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Whether for compliance checking, litigation searching, lodging services, workflow management, document lodgement, online searches, manual services, or otherwise, this integrated legal technology, meets document management system, offers the mobility and the flexibility to exceed your expectations. Call us today on 1300 885 662 for any queries.