How does it work?

Discover the ease and simplicity of using TrustOnline.

Create Clients Records

TrustOnline is an easy and intuitive system to navigate. You can quickly create Client files and add your client’s personal data such as their contact details and bank account information. Upon logging into TrustOnline, a simple click of the “Client” tab will give you access to each one of your customer’s files.

Manage Files

When logged into TrustOnline, your Files is the first screen you’ll see. From here, you’ll gain a quick overview of the fund available, including a record of transactions. You can also create new files and print Trust Receipts.

Trust Transactions

TrustOnline offers a comprehensive set of transaction options for record keeping. Our software caters for Cheque’s, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Receipts, Deposits and Journals – and they’re quick and simple to set up. In one click, you can instantly record an issued cheque or a cleared EFT transaction.

Trust Bank Accounts and Reconciliation

TrustOnline’s Bank facilities are tailored to provide easy setup of multiple bank accounts, quick and straight-forward reconciliations, as well as effective bank adjustments that keep you in control of your trust accounts by allowing you to tailor TrustOnline to suit your working style.

Audit Reports

TrustOnline has been designed to make your life easier with our reporting functionality. Our Audit Log facility enables you to print a log of transactions across any date range required, including the ability to filter by Client and Files. 

Customisable Settings

We’ve developed TrustOnline to be easily customisable to suit your business needs. TrustOnline has the ability to create unique Users for your firm – an invaluable feature for administration tracking and for quick reconciliations. Bulk purchases can also be made from our secure server using a credit card, so you can quickly buy Files, setup accounts and manage your company’s trust accounting from any mobile device.

See how it works

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