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GlobalX Disrupts with new $0 Cloud Conveyancing Software

The Next-gen conveyancing solution is launched

In a move set to disrupt the software industry, GlobalX Legal Solutions has announced entry into the small to mid-firm market with a cloud-based workflow solution, Matter Centre.

At $0 software cost, and built in collaboration with conveyancers, Matter Centre represents affordable, scalable software for conveyancing firms of all size.

“Industry members have been frustrated by the lack of alternatives in the conveyancing software market for a long time,” said Chief Executive Officer or GlobalX, Peter Maloney.

“So, at GlobalX, we applied over 20 years industry experience, and the latest in customisation, cloud and integration tech’ to build Australia’s next-gen conveyancing solution,” he said.

GlobalX is driving big-bang disruption and up-take with a $0 software cost, off-set by $100 of searching per user, per month. Conveyancers can order now in the lead up to launch.

“Cloud technology allows us to rapidly update thousands of sites in a very short amount of time,” said Mr Maloney. “The solution is so intuitive, users can open new files, generate contracts, order searches and book settlements in Matter Centre in just minutes,” he said.

Matter Centre offers conveyancers freedom from lock-in contracts that currently dominate the market.

“We listened to conveyancers to help us to define features and to prioritise the development of Matter Centre.”

“The overwhelming majority of conveyancers are tired of clunky software that doesn’t adequately address their workflow. There are packages out there with flawed architecture causing synchronisation issues, and others with overbearing contract terms that has effectively locked the user into limited functionality,” he said.

“We’ve built Matter Centre to directly address these issues – and to satisfy industry requirements now, and in the future.”

Matter Centre is available now. Conveyancing firms can pre-order online to be among the first to get their hands on the next gen conveyancing solution.

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