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GlobalX releases new digital signing technology

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Award-winning legal and conveyancing software provider GlobalX, has today announced the launch of a new brand and digital signing tool for lawyers, conveyancers and their customers – SignMe.

The latest technology offering from the legal tech’ giant is now available via GlobalX’s online and software solutions, including conveyancing software Matter Centre and legal practice management software Open Practice.

GlobalX CEO Peter Maloney said SignMe was an easy-to-use, secure tool that allowed conveyancing and legal professionals to quickly send documents electronically to their customers for digital signing.

“This is the new world we all live in. Lawyers and conveyancers now accept that every document from an engagement letter, costs agreement right through to a contract can be signed using a digital signature. SignMe gives legal practitioners the ability to prepare and distribute documents electronically, to be coded or filled out and digitally signed by their clients. SignMe digital signing ensures the highest security for our customers while offering significant efficiencies in their matter management,” Mr Maloney said.

“Like our Verification of Identity solution, GlobalX IDSecure, we launched 2 weeks ago, the 17,000 legal and conveyancing practitioners that rely on GlobalX everyday, now have instant access to SignMe via GlobalX’s online and software solutions.”

To celebrate the launch of SignMe Digital Signing Mr. Maloney said we know digital signatures will increase legal professional’s productivity, by saving significant time associated with the traditional signing process, so for the month of February and March, every GlobalX user can use SignMe for free; all they need to do is click the button!

“Whether you’re a legal professional sending a letter of engagement, a conveyancer distributing a contract of sale or a practitioner requiring any document to be signed – it’s now easier than ever with the SignMe tool. Signing digitally removes the need for paper, reducing the amount of time spent physically processing documents and contracts. Gone are the days of having to wait for documents to be printed, signed and then couriered,” Mr Maloney said.

“We are humbled to be enjoying our best year in our 24 year history, in the past 2 year we have delivered game changing new technologies like Matter Centre, PEXA integration, VOI and now digital signatures which are changing the way property is exchanged.

“While other old, bricks ‘n mortar software vendors are continuing to try and lock their clients into 3 year finance contracts with expensive over-priced searches, we are redefining the industry by providing free conveyancing software with the latest productivity tools integrated at the lowest price.”

Geelong Conveyancing Managing Director and Immediate Past President of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers’ Santina Taranto said SignMe was an exciting addition to GlobalX’s suite of legal technology solutions, enabling conveyancing and legal professionals across the nation to be more efficient.

“The legal and conveyancing sector’s continued digital transformation with the introduction of new technologies like SignMe means as a profession we are better placed to serve the growing needs of our clients,” Mrs Taranto said.

“SignMe will deliver positive impacts for my employees and indeed our clients – the property buyer and seller.”

For more information about SignMe, and GlobalX’s award-winning suite of legal and conveyancing productivity solutions visit –