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Unlock the Power of Automation via APIs For Your Business

If you’ve used Facebook PayPal, or Uber, chances are you’ve experienced Application Programming Interface (APIs) without even knowing. Opening a traffic report and having real-time …

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Finding ‘efficient, effective and impactful’ ways of working key for firms

It is imperative that Australian law firms strike the right balance between maintaining successful business operations and adapting to evolving client needs and expectations, say …

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GlobalX repivots Verification of Identity offering to cater for social distancing measures

Legal technology provider GlobalX has launched a new Verification of Identity (VOI) online platform IDSecure VirtualVOI in response to practitioners’ demand for a safer alternative …

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GlobalX introduces new efficiencies for practitioners with TrustOnline acquisition

Leading legal technology company GlobalX has announced its latest tool to assist the productivity of Australian legal and conveyancing practitioners, following the acquisition of trust …

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Digital tools to ensure productivity in uncertain times

In the midst of the global Coronavirus (COVID- 19) crisis, self-isolation and working from home is gradually becoming the norm for organisations across many industries. …

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GlobalX Acts Immediately to Protect Employees and Slow the Rate of COVID-19

GlobalX today announced the immediate introduction of a series of measures designed to help protect its Australian and UK workforce against the risk of infections …

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GlobalX to conduct end-to-end Business Continuity Plan simulation test March 17 to March 19; including office closures

In the face of the Coronavirus, I have instructed that our team at GlobalX, is to conduct a full end-to-end simulation test of our Business …

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How innovative software systems are paving the way for improved conveyancing workflow

By Lewis Sell – Matter Centre Team Leader Every conveyancing professional will agree that speed and efficiency are key skills needed in such a fast-paced …

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From rope measurement to drones – how technology is revolutionising surveying

By Murray Walter – Executive General Manager, GlobalX Terrain Surveying is a fundamental craft that underpins the mapping and growth of the world around us. …

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