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How innovative software systems are paving the way for improved conveyancing workflow

By Lewis Sell – Matter Centre Team Leader Every conveyancing professional will agree that speed and efficiency are key skills needed in such a fast-paced ...
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From rope measurement to drones – how technology is revolutionising surveying

By Murray Walter – Executive General Manager, GlobalX Terrain Surveying is a fundamental craft that underpins the mapping and growth of the world around us. ...
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Free land documentation for bushfire-affected Aussies

Australian home owners affected by the devastating bushfires will be provided with free and immediate land title documentation in a bid to assist victims in ...
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GlobalX announces four senior appointments

GlobalX has announced four new appointments as it bolsters its senior management team ahead of the new year. David Cohen has been named as GlobalX ...
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Why face-to-face customer service will always trump AI and chat bots

Gone are the days of traditional face-to-face customer service. More frequently, in-person interactions in the legal, technology and business world are being replaced by artificial ...
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Putting people first: Why firms must invest in their people to improve productivity

By Peter Maloney – CEO, GlobalX For a long time it was thought that productivity was an individual employee’s responsibility – you come in, do ...
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Small law firms more tech savvy as artificial intelligence emerges as competitive advantage

Australian law firms are embracing new technology, but smaller practices are more open to technological innovation than their larger cousins, according to a new survey. ...
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Seamless cloud transition sets GlobalX up for the future

Leading Australian technology company GlobalX has successfully transitioned to Google Cloud, the result of a deliberative strategic process that began in 2013 and ended with ...
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Mental health on trial with 7 in 10 legal professionals demanding better work-life balance

Protecting and improving the mental health of legal professionals continues to be a challenge for the industry, with seven out of ten lawyers calling for ...
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